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AGI Dhan Tips

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AGI Dhan Tips

Post  WolfCry on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:51 pm

Agi dhans are one of the most expensive classes in Rohan, Know this going in. If you are well funded the first thing you should focus on is your weapon. Anything with double digit Crit % is good (10-15). The second thing to focus on for your wep is Agi. Try to get as much Agi on your dagger or katar as well. Remember wep att and base damage DONT MATTER TO AGI DHAN you get your damage from your agi. After you get a good dagger or katar its time for armor. Your armor should have as high Pdef (physical defense) as possible. The scond thing you need on your armor is HP or Damage Reflect. This comes down to your style of playing. HP will be more for pvp and Damage Reflect is better for pve. One you are geared its time for accesories. As for your acc. Agi Agi Agi! the more agi you get the higher crit dmg. Finally at about lvl 5x-6x time to focus on your skills. I like the lvl 6 skills because they are permanent but if you can aford lvl 7 great. You want to get Mortal rising and Deadly Blow to lvl 6 or 7 if you can afford. After this you are good to go you will be competitive anything else you can do will just make you better. This is a very very noobie guide feel free to add or correct anything here.

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