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Rohan Dragon Sage Job Change Quest

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Rohan Dragon Sage Job Change Quest

Post  PureAngelX on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:51 am

1. Starting point – Haem in Rev Deca castle
2. Speak to Talia – Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River in Armenes/Rev Deca map (location: D8)
3. Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary to read text at the Statue of Wailing Dragon (location in Geizan C9)
4. Go see Keeper of Dragon Eyes – (Guliermo is located at the Dragon Eyes Bindstone in Via Marea F2)
5. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
6. Find the youngest child in Rev Deca – (Perisada is located just outside the Rev Deca castle)
7. Go to Crystal Quarry – Kill the Phoenix Croief (located by the portal leading to the second lvl of Crystal Quarry)
8. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
9. Talk to Rivyn’s Conscience – (location: Del Lagos – north central F/G 2 area)
10. Find Sign of Sepa Rosa - (location: Aevraum – C9 at top of the tower)
11. Go to Altar of Late King – Ferdinant’s Mausoleum (located in Armenes/Rev Deca Map G8)
12. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
13. Go to Armenes Altar - speak with Atiya – (location: Armenes/Rev Deca Map G5)
14. This is the toughest part of the job change. Few things to keep in mind: if you travel in a party to safely reach the last room, you must withdraw from the party before you open the pot! You must do these in this order:

Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan C9)- go to the last room west when you see the Shard of Baron Victor Vlen (a mean boss) – you will pass through a long hallway with serpent pillagers, then will see serpent outlaws standing outside the doors to room where the Baron is (when you see these you are very close). Enter room where Baron is, go left and stay next to the wall to avoid his wrath. Go down a small ramp/hallway where you will see a large pot in the room, (leave party at this point) and double click the pot. The horseman will appear and he’s no problem 1 on 1. Help may be needed to keep all the mobs off of you. Also, in this room of the BDS, a mini boss spawns (the white wolf Violence Mahopatew or something like that). If the boss is there, quickly open the pot then everyone attack the boss, if you die you can return and the horseman will be standing there and can be pulled into the hallway with a range attack thus avoiding the mobs and the boss. You should obtain a Spillproof Basin on killing horseman once.

Go to Caronia’s Tomb (Varvylan J6) – map of Caronia’s Tomb is same as BDS so go to the same room as below. If in a party, withdraw before opening the pot. Kill horseman and obtain the Dryproof Basin.

You can now solo the rest.
15. Return to Armenes Altar – speak with Atiya (Armenes/Rev Deca G5)
16. Obtain Scale of Armenes – Look for the Sluggish Wave (location: Armenes/Rev Deca north shore of F2) There you will see 4 mobs but no worries, they are all lvl 1.
17. Return to Armenes Altar – Atiya will send you to Haem where you will be officially changed. Congrats to our newest Dragon Sage!!

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