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Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest

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Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest

Post  PureAngelX on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:14 pm

1. Start the Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest by talking to Damats Heartwell.
2. You must kill 1 Fire Drake and 10 Flame Spite. Use an Enraged Netherworld Bindstone then proceed to C5
3. Return to Damats Heartwell after you slay the monsters. Avenger Job Change Quest 1 is complete
4. Heartwell will give you the second part of the Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest. Use the Arctic Sea bindstone and walk your way to End of Struggle (IJ2). You need to talk with the Orb of the Past first, then Orb of History and lastly, Statue of Exiled King. The exiled king will give you a dagger.
5. Return to Damats Heartwell.
6. Use the Pine Plateau bindstone then go to J8 of Varvylon map and you need to kill the Betrayed Follower of Paladin and then the Betrayed Paladin.
7. Go back and talk to the Exiled King in the End of Struggle
8. Talk to Damats Heartwell at Dhan town
9. Talk to the Incomplete statue at F9 of Liom map. The nearest bindstone would be the Limestone Foothill Bindstone, the head north. Do not attempt to kill the Immortal Guards, you’ll just waste your time.
10. Go back to Damats Heartwell
11.You need to obtain Pouch of Fragments from the Captain of Einhoren’s Guards - Lasa Berzen Guard Captain. She is in D3 of Del Lagos (Human ) map. Use the Einhoren bindstone.
12. After you killed her, go back to Damats Heartwell to officially become a Rohan Avenger.

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