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Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest Guide

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Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest Guide

Post  PureAngelX on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:12 pm

1. The Rohan Warlock job change quest starts in Montt. Talk to Pascal Vistierre. He will ask you to go to the Temple of Flox.
2. Speak with Andelique, Prophet of Flox at the Temple of Flox
3. Head south and go to the Eduardo Concert Hall, go to the back area and you will find a Lump of Moonstone. Click on the stone and a mini Boss GNOME Moonstone will appear. Kill the monster in order to get Eye of Moonstone and become a Rohan Warlock eventually.
4. Return to Andelique in the Temple of Flox . Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest I is complete.
5. Go to Montt for the second part of Warlock Job Change Quest. Click on the Magician’s Scale beside Pascal. Your task is to kill 50 Paragon Guardsman (Limestone Bindstone).
6. Continue the Warlock Quest by killing 50 Paragon Guardsman in Limestone Foothill.
7. Go back to the Magician’s Scale after you slay 50 paragon monsters. Your next task is to kill50 Serpenter Caliph.
8. The Serpenter Caliph are located in Serpenter Swamp.
9. Go back to Montt after killing the monsters and talk to Pascal. Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest 2 complete
10. Go to Varrow Forest (above Geizan, village of Half Elves) and speak with Lazesus. Apparently, he can’t speak because he had lost his tongue. Instead he will write something on the ground using a stick. One of his disciples severed his tongue and fingers and fled with all his research notes. He was able to retrieve his fingers but not his tongue which has been sliced of to three pieces. You need to locate and bring back pieces of his tongue.
11. The first tongue piece can be found at the Temple of Flox, next to the Andelique (pile of Rotting Flesh)
12. The second piece of the tongue can be found at the Altar of Roha, behind the huge statue ( Reeking pile of Flesh - Varvylon map, coordinates J-9
13. The third tongue piece is in Temple of Silva (Molding pile of Flesh - Geizan map, coordinates G-6). This is the hardest to obtain because of the monsters in its sorroundings. So be careful, get buffs such as almighty and barriers, then just run straight on it, and click it right away in order to get it.
14. After getting the three pieces, go back to Lazesus. Quest 3 of Warlock Job Change Quest complete. Your next task is to retrieve The Secret Text of Lazesus. The one who has the Secret Text is currently roaming the southern region of Myrtle Woods Bindstone in Liom (C-7) these days, it is the head of Devtorre.
15. Go to the Limestone map, and kill 2 miniboss (disciple of Devtorre & Head of Devtorre disciple). They are behind the spot of Venom Alchemist or the right spot ofDrake.
16. After you retrieve 2 books, bring in back to Lazesus.
17. Back to Montt, speak with King George Lyonan. You need to kill Edmond Fietra.
18. Go the the map of Dwarfhill (above the village of Dark elves), coordinates H-5. You have to kill this monster
19. After killing it, go back to King George and he will change you into a Rohan Warlock.

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